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Pre & Post - Natal Discomfort

Pre Post Natal Discomfort Detail

Pregnancy & Post – Natal Discomfort

Pregnancy is a very special time, as is the time we spend with our new babies, but unfortunately this time can sometimes be affected by muscular pain and discomfort.

Pre-Natal Discomfort

Pain in the lower and upper back is very common during pregnancy due to changes in posture. By loosening the tight and painful muscles in the hips, lower back and upper back , our Soft Tissue Therapists can help to keep you comfortable and active. Kinesio taping is also very effective in increasing function in the hip flexors – this approach can have enormous and immediate effects on the ease and comfort experienced when walking at later stages of pregnancy. Given that ligaments are looser during pregnancy due to hormone changes, women tend to respond very well to soft tissue work.

Some other common conditions affecting women during their pregnancies that we can help with are:
  • Pelvic instability
  • Sciatic pain
  • Headaches
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

We are often asked whether it is safe to have a remedial massage or myotherapy treatment in the first trimester or final weeks of a pregnancy. In response to this, we can confirm that is is absolutely safe to have a remedial massage at any stage of your pregnancy. It is most definitely important to let your practitioner know that you are expecting a baby and how many weeks pregnant you are so that they can tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

We have pregnancy pillows at the clinic which we use during treatments, enabling pregnant women to lie comfortably on their stomach. Other alternatives are to be treated side-lying or in a seated position.

Post-Natal discomfort

After the birth of a baby, the muscular aches and pains can continue, although often become more prominent in the upper back , neck and shoulders due to feeding and holding a baby for prolonged periods of time. By loosening the tight and painful muscles in these areas, our Soft Tissue Therapists can keep new mums comfortable and active so that they can just enjoy the time with their babies!

Some other less common conditions that affect women after the birth of their babies that we can help with are:
  • Headaches
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
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