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Managing Your Achilles Pain

managing achillies pain

A number of people have heard the term "Achilles tendinitis". You may have heard about it from someone in your local running group? Perhaps a friend was having some Achilles pain and after a quick Google search decided that this was their issue? Roughly 10% of recreational runners will experience some sort of Achilles pain or "tendinopathy" in their running career. How can you prevent or manage this? At Boost Health our skilled Podiatrists would like to educate you on the best ways of managing your Achilles pain.

What Does Tendinopathy Mean?

"Tendinopathy" is an encompassing term referring to the overall dysfunction and pathology of the tendon. Experiencing a tendon disorder which results in pain, swelling, and impaired function are the usual symptoms of a tendinopathy.

What Is Achilles Tendinitis?

The Achilles is a thick tendon which attaches onto the base of the heel bone. The Achilles plays a vital role in movement, therefore is susceptible to becoming overloaded and stressed. "Itis" refers to an inflammatory state of the tendon. Achilles tendinitis commonly causes pain and discomfort at the start of the day/run and eventually warms up to some degree. Recent research, however, has shown that due to the lack of blood flow that reaches the tendons, we may not be dealing with as much inflammation as first thought. The use of the word tendinitis may be considered outdated as tendinopathy is a more encompassing phrase.

Risks And Factors That Can Contribute To Achilles Issues:

  • Activity levels
  • Type of activity
  • Weight & body composition
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Occupation

To find out about different ways of managing your Achilles pain:

Our knowledgeable Podiatrists have created an easy to understand eBook to help explain what is happening, ways of managing Achilles pain and ways to prevent Achillies pain occurring. For a more in-depth look into Achilles tendinopathies we will be hosting an upcoming webinar to explain to practitioners and patients alike what to do about Achilles issues

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