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Diabetes Risk Assessment

diabetes risk assessment

What Is A Diabetes Risk Assessment

Caring for your feet is particularly important if you have diabetes as foot problems are a common complication of diabetes. These issues can be avoided if you take care of your feet and act quickly when you have a problem. At Boost Health Collective we strongly advocate a diabetes risk assessment annually for all of our diabetic patients. Regular foot health checks, ideally every 6-10 weeks, ensures that your feet are monitored and any issues which arise are addressed quickly.

Your feet can be affected in two ways: blood supply may be affected, resulting in slower healing and you may also lose some feeling in your feet due to nerve damage. A person whose nerves are damaged by diabetes may not realise they have minor cuts or blisters, which can lead to ulcers.

What Will The Assessment Involve?

As part of an annual neurovascular assessment, our Podiatrists will assess the circulation and your ability to detect sensation in your feet. The assessment involves four important components:

  • Vascular
  • - blood flow in the feet, which indicates the ability to repair after injury.
  • Neurological
  • - sensation/feeling in the feet and detect injuries.
  • Dermatological
  • - skin condition (defence barrier to the outside world against pressure, friction, germs, etc.)
  • Musculoskeletal
  • - deformities, prominent lumps and bumps which may receive too much pressure. Too much pressure and can lead to ulceration and eventually amputation.

    We use a Doppler Ultrasound for the vascular component of these assessments. High frequency acoustic sound waves are used to study the pulse and blood flow in your feet. This is a non-invasive way to test your vascular health. Our Doppler has an audio component, so our Podiatrists can hear the pulse.

    Results are printed direct from the Doppler and sent to your GP, as well as kept on file. These ultrasound reports provide the most accurate reporting to your GP and/or rheumatologist. Previous and current records are regularly compared in order to detect problems which may develop. Advice on further treatment options will be recommended if necessary.


    As a person with diabetes, you may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management plan which would entitle you to up to five bulk-billed podiatry appointments in a calendar year at our clinic. If this is the case, your GP will arrange the paperwork to be sent to our clinic, usually via fax at 03 9894 0242, or you are welcome to bring it in with you to your initial consultation.

    For more information on how to look after your feet with diabetes check out our blog written by one of our expert Podiatrists.

diabetes risk assessment
diabetes risk assessment
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