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Pilates Melbourne

Searching for a new and engaging way to take control of your long-term health and wellbeing? Then Pilates might be the perfect work out for you.

Pilates is a great way to stabilise your spine and improve posture, build core strength and increase your range of joint mobility and general flexibility. Frequent practice can also help your body to become more resistant to common musculoskeletal injuries or conditions, and even helps to develop mindfulness and body awareness techniques that are important for stress reduction.

At Boost Health we provide a number of different courses that cater for all skill and fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the fun and health benefits of a Pilates session.

Best of all Pilates is a social fitness program which means you’ll have plenty of chances to meet other like-minded, health conscious individuals.

So when they’re thinking about getting their fitness back on track with Pilates, Melbourne residents know to contact Boost Health.

Reformer Pilates Melbourne

Unlike mat-based Pilates, where participants utilise their own body weight as resistance during the routine, reformer Pilates features a piece of equipment that enables the user to adjust the level of resistance as they move through a session. This allows each participant to build strength and endurance throughout their entire body evenly, ensuring that no muscle group is ignored.

Reformer Pilates sessions are perfect for those who have prior experience in Pilates, as the moving components of the equipment represent an additional challenge and require more strength and mental focus to master than mat routines. Reformer Pilates is also ideal for athletes who want to build muscle and strength through intense resistance training.

At Boost Health we also provide clinical Pilates sessions for patients who require a more focused treatment plan or are looking to rehabilitate a muscle group following an injury.

So when they want to take their exercise routine to the next level with reformer Pilates Melbourne residents can call 03 9894 2463 and book a session at Boost Health today.


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