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Women's Health Physiotherapy


What Is A Women's Health Physiotherapist?

Women's Health Physiotherapy is the therapeutic treatment of all disorders affecting the pelvis and pelvic floor. Throughout their life women face a range of complex health conditions which can significantly affect the body. Women’s health can sometimes be a subject considered best avoided, therefore many women don’t realise that help is available.

At Boost Health Collective, our Physiotherapists have undergone additional, specialised training in order to best assist you with any pelvic or pre/post natal related issues.

What To Expect

For your initial consult, you will first sit down with our women's health physio and have a chat. It is important to get a full history so as to avoid potential for injury going forward. Your physio will ask you about:

  • Pelvic floor function
  • Sexual background
  • Obstetrics - pre and post partum
  • Abdominal separation, (diastisis)
  • Bladder and bowel habits - overactive bowel, hesitation, constipation, nocturia

Pre & Post Partum Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body is placed under a great deal of stress. Your physio needs to gather as much history regarding your pregnancy, as well as you health pre-partum, so as to ensure you are receiving the best treatment options for your individual needs.

Some of the questions your physio will discuss with you include:

  • Pre-partum:
  • -

    Did you participate in regular exercise, is there any history of chronic or recurrent health issues?

  • During pregnancy:
  • -

    Exercise you were able to still participate in. Are there symptoms of urine leaking, sensations of heaviness, musculoskeletal pain and any health conditions you are currently experiencing or did experience?

  • Delivery of your baby:
  • -

    This may include: duration, any injury sustained, whether you required a cesarean as well as the birth weight of your bub

  • Postnatal:
  • -

    Are there any residual symptoms and conditions you are still experiencing after giving birth? How is your emotional well-being?

  • Your goals going forward:
  • -

    A woman's health journey is a very personal experience, each persons goals are different. Your physio will ask you what benefits you are hoping to see from her consults and will structure your treatment and management plan around these goals.

After a discussion about your needs and what outcomes you are hoping for, your physio will conduct an objective, or physical, examination relating to your goals.

What Is A Physical Examination For?

If you're presenting concerns involve continence or prolapse, your physiotherapist may suggest performing an internal examination to assess the strength and co-ordination of your pelvic floor muscles. This assessment is the most reliable way to determine the performance of your pelvic floor muscles.

We understand this can be a daunting experience for women, but our friendly physio will communicate with you throughout the whole consult. If you are not comfortable with this type of assessment, your physiotherapist will conduct other examinations such as assessing abdominus strength.

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Areas We Can Help

  • Safe exercise during pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor issues, including pelvic pain
  • Pain or instability in the low back, coccyx or pelvic girdle
  • Abdominal separation
  • Urinary and bowel issues, including: urgency, incontinence, constipation or control
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Ways We Help

  • Pelvic Floor retraining
  • Exercise management for Gestational Diabetes
  • Bladder training strategies
  • Treatment of episiotomy and caesarian scar tissue
  • Pilates based pelvic stability exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles which play a supporting role in the strength of the pelvic floor
  • Assessment and treatment of any unresolved low back, hip or pelvic pain
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