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joint mobilisation

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Soft Tissue therapists often use gentle joint mobilisation techniques to increase range of motion in the joints. Joint mobilization is a form of passive manual therapy. This technique usually involves your practitioner applying gentle pressure to the joint to mimic the glide which would normally occur between the bones.

After manually treating the muscles with soft tissue therapy your therapist will then gently mobilise the joint. Performing a back and forth oscillation of the area to encourage the joint to move. Relieving pressure from the joint, or increasing a joint's function, also takes pressure off the muscles loading the area.

Joint Assessment and Treatment

The way your practitioner will determine whether your joints are in need of mobilisation is through specific assessment. Assessing your current Range Of Movement against an expected range, will indicate to the therapist whether your joints are restricted. Using both 'active', you move and 'passive' your therapist moves you, testing will help to indicate what is occurring in the joints. Joints often become restricted due to the muscles crossing the area becoming tight. This can cause pain and inflammation due to the joint being irritated. Your therapist will determine which muscles are causing this issue and why by performing a hands-on assessment. A Myotherapy or Remedial treatment always includes manual soft tissue treatment in conjunction with mobilising the joint.

Difference Between Joint Mobilisation and Joint Manipulation

Joint mobilisation is a safe and gentle practice. Your practitioner will 'rock' the joint back a forth, slowly feeling for a change in tension. We do not perform outside out scope of knowledge per our associations requirements. Joint manipulation is a quick, sudden but small force is applied to the joint, mainly practiced by Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

If you are experiencing restriction in your joints, perhaps you can't rotate your trunk? Maybe you feel sharp pain when you lift your arm? Call 03 9894 2463 and let us help restore your joint mobility.

joint mobilisation
joint mobilisation
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