Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect, what to bring and how much an appointment will cost below. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or contact us. We are here to help!

For your first appointment, please bring along any referrals or reports that you may have if they are relevant to your consultation. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle if your consultation is in the gym. If you are doing Clinical Pilates, you will need to wear specialised grip socks. We have some available for purchase at the clinic if you don’t have any of your own.

We have two easy-to-access locations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. One in Nunawading and the other in North Ringwood. For more information about where to find us please check out the locations page.

We have on site parking at both of our practices. If the car park is full at the Nunawading practice, there is ample parking just around the corner in Closter Avenue. At the North Ringwood practice, please park in the patient parking at the rear of the building. This is the most convenient car park to access the reception area. You are welcome to park in the front carpark, however, it the rear car park is occupied.

You do not need a referral to see any of our practitioners, however if you have received one from your GP or specialist, please bring it along with you. Alternatively if you’d prefer to fax it through beforehand you are welcome to do so on 03 8813 0898.

While both modalities focus on hands-on soft tissue work, remedial massage is considered to be a general treatment approach. Our myotherapists are trained to assess the body as a whole to determine the cause of dysfunction or pain. Using specialised testing and direct observation, your practitioner will tailor the treatment plan towards your specific needs and deliver long-term solutions for your issues.

Dry needling has shown to be a highly effective treatment method for targeting muscular discomfort. People often ask us if dry-needling is the same as acupuncture. While both treatments use sterilised, single-use needles the approach is very different. Dry-needling involves the relatively painless act of inserting small needles into specific places of tension within the muscles. By recruiting your body’s own nervous system response, the needles send a signal informing the brain that the muscle is tight. The brain replies by relaxing the muscle. This can result in a “twitch” sensation.

Yes! All our practitioners have their own provider numbers and are covered under HICAPS with on the spot claims available. Just bring your card along or download the HICAPS Go app.

Health insurance companies vary in how much they cover per treatment. For more information check out our billings & rebates page.

We offer a range of products designed to bring you comfort and improve your quality of living. From foam rollers for self treatment, to Flexipillows for a better night’s sleep.

Our myotherapists are trained to deliver quality treatments to all age-ranges. Everyone is different and will require a unique approach to ensure the best outcomes and long-term benefits. All our practitioners carry working with children licenses and parents and caretakers are welcome to be present during the treatment.

Each private health insurer is different, therefore rebates will look different depending on your cover and what your insurer offers you. We suggest calling your insurer to gain clarification on your individual cover. Our HICAPs allow us to do on the spot claims. Once you have finished your appointment all you have to do is swipe your card and we shall do the rest.

Our podiatrists and physiotherapists are all claimable under the Australian government chronic disease management plan (formerly EPC). In order to proceed with this we require a referral from your GP, which can be faxed straight to us on: 03 9894 0242

Our practitioners are all dedicated to helping their clients achieve great outcomes. Each practitioner has an individual approach within their profession as well as specialised knowledge and interests in specific conditions.

If you are unsure who you should see then call us on 0398942463 and one of our friendly team can advise you further. Else browse our services page, and see which therapy would best suit your needs.

We are always on the lookout for dedicated team members who are passionate about growing the healthcare industry. Whether you are interested in a clinical position or a supportive admin role we’d love to hear from you. For more information check out our careers page.

Our podiatrists and physiotherapists are all registered with NDIS and are able to empower people of all ages, with different conditions, to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

After your initial assessment we will set up an NDIS treatment planning consultation to discuss your needs and propose a service agreement. We aim to create a plan which works specifically for you.

For more information check out our NDIS page: or give us a call on 0398942463

The risk factors of diabetes require assessment by a trained podiatrist to determine the level of future complications. Our podiatrists use non-invasive methods to assess your condition and will then forward the results on to your local GP. You may also be eligible for a chronic disease management plan. This would entitle you to up to five bulk-billed podiatry appointments in a calendar year at our clinic.

For more information check out our blog post: “How can podiatry help diabetes” blog or call the clinic on 03 98942463

Our Boost team proudly supports: Park Orchards Netball Club, Ringwood Little Athletics, Run Crew, Nunawading Triathlon Club and Ringwood Bowls Club. We love to encourage the groups we support and are often spotted at various events helping out.

Our myotherapists are all qualified to perform pregnancy-related massage treatments. They are here to help you be as comfortable and active as you can be while your baby grows. They are also aware of any health-risks which can arise during this time and so may ask you a series of questions prior to treatment to ensure you are able to receive the care you need.

Our classes are a max of 4 people per session, to ensure you get the guidance you require from our dedicated Instructors. Each person has their own goals and exercise program to work towards, but we believe exercising is more fun when there are like-minded people exercising right next to you.

Our group exercise sessions are run by different practitioners, and therefore have different claiming abilities.

Depending on your cover, group sessions with a physiotherapist can be claimed through your private health insurance. Currently, our exercise sessions with a myotherapist are able to be claimed when one on one.

We are happy to provide you with the claim numbers to help you determine what rebate you may be eligible for.

Another great option if you’re looking to save some money is our class pass options. Give us a call on 0398942463 and our friendly team will happily help you discuss this option to see what works best for you.

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