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athletic development

athletic development

Does your child or teenager play sport? Are they looking to increase their endurance, co-ordination and technical skills? Is your child prone to injuries during sporting activities? Children and young people, participating in sporting activities, require specific strength and mobility training to help their athletic development, as well as prevent injury.

Athletic development at Boost Health Collective ensures a safe and effective program. Our Exercise Physiologists work with athletes and athletic people, creating programs that are sport specific. Using the key principles of Exercise Physiology, each young athlete will develop the skills and strength needed for their chosen sport.

What To Expect In An Athletic Development Program:

  • One on One training by an ESSA certified Exercise Physiologist.
  • Small group setting, for social opportunities.
  • Personally tailored programs for each young athlete and their sporting capabilities.
  • Activities and exercises that are designed to challenge, but not intimidate, your child.
  • Programs structured around goal setting - so your child can track their progress.

Injury through sport is common. By focusing on sports-related injury prevention, as well as rehabilitating injuries, your Exercise Physiologist will apply a graded exercise program to ensure safe athletic development. These exercise programs are used to increase exercise tolerance to specifically help each person achieve their own goals.

We have helped individual athletes and sporting teams such as Park Orchards Netball Club and Ringwood Little Athletics, rehabilitating their injuries and improving their sporting performance. By improving your child's athletic prowess now, they build strength and coordination which will see them into adulthood. Call us on 03 9894 2463 and make the journey today.

athletic development
athletic development
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