How Is My Body Like A Car?

Throughout the centuries, man has designed machines in reflection of himself. One of man’s most practical inventions, the automobile, is amazingly parallel to the attributes of the human body. Let’s have a look at the functional similarities of a car and the human body…

Electrical Circuit

Human Body:
Nervous System
Oils and Fluids in the body

How Is Your Body Like A Car?

The automobile and the human body are built on similar principles.

The car needs fuel, air, oils for lubrication of moving parts and electrical circuit for communication and power.

Similarly, the human body needs food, air, oils and synovial fluids for the joints and the nervous system communicates with the brain firing the muscles to allow movement.

Do You Have More Understanding Of Your Car Than Your Own Body?

We make sure that our cars are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure their longevity, but we often neglect to do the same for our own bodies. We make sure that our cars receive the best quality fuel, but feed our own bodies junk food. Ironically, a car can be replaced with a newer model, but we do not have that option for our bodies.

So, we encourage you to maintain your original vehicle, your body. Eat well, think harmonising thoughts and move properly – the fundamental principles of longevity and health.

If you want to “service” your body, come in and have a Myotherapy or Remedial Massage treatment so that we can help you keep your “vehicle” functionally at its optimal level.

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