Why Is My Achilles Sore When I Run?

Have you started, or got back into, running due to self-isolation? Maybe your gym is closed and you’re desperate for other ways to keep fit. Does your Achilles now feel a bit sore or tender, especially in the morning, but improves upon activity? Well this may be caused by overload of the Achilles tendon.

Potentially, an overloaded tendon can lead to Achilles tendinitis if it isn’t managed properly. It is suggested to visit a Podiatrist or doctor if Achilles pain is severe, as there’s a high chance you may have ruptured your Achilles tendon. A ruptured Achillies can require surgery so getting your injury assessed is important.

Causes And Risk Factors

  • Repetitive strain on the Achilles tendon
  • Sudden increase in activity levels (eg. running, walking or jumping)
  • Tight calves
  • Obesity
  • Unsupportive runners
  • Running on hills
  • More common as you age
  • Occurs in men commonly


How Do I Prevent Achilles Tendinitis?

  • Monitor Activity Levels:
    Gradually increase the intensity and duration of running.
  • Running Surfaces:
    Avoid hard surfaces (eg. concrete) and try to run on softer surfaces (eg. grass or gravel) to reduce stress placed on the Achilles tendon.
  • Footwear:
    It’s vital to wear supportive runners if you have Achilles tendinitis that cater to your foot and biomechanics. The best solution is to get fitted up at a speciality running store (eg. Active Feet or Athletes Foot) or getting assessed by a podiatrist at Boost Health Collective.
  • Stretch And Strengthen The Calves:
    Strong calves allows the Achilles tendon to tolerate bigger forces that are exerted upon running. Remember to stretch calves in the morning, before and after exercises to prevent Achilles tendinitis.
  • Cross- Training:
    Incorporate cross-training activities as they are lower impact (eg. swimming or cycling) into your training program. These activities will work out different muscles and tendons to decrease the risk of injuries.

Achilles pain shouldn’t be taken lightly as it could lead to unfavourable outcomes. The Achilles tendon is the biggest and strongest tendon in the human body so it will definitely cause a ripple effect if it isn’t looked after properly. To get further help, contact us at Boost Health Collective and the Podiatrists are always happy to help you out!

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