Why Can’t We Treat Ourselves Like Athletes?

Injured? Tired? Not at your best? Three questions that more often than not mot most of us would answer yes to at least two out of three.

There are many reasons why we get this way- we have let ourselves fall down the priority list as life gets in the way, we have chopped and changed between multiple treatment modalities with limited success or we just simply don’t know what to do.

When we think of someone who is at their best- one of the first to come to mind is an elite athlete- the Rolls Royce’s of society, always training and striving for their best through the use of the most current evidence-based exercises, consistent training and guidance from some of the best in the system. With this, we often see exercises and programs that are solely labelled for athletes.

The question I want to put to you today is: Why shouldn’t we be treating ourselves like athletes? Why should we be using the most effective and best treatments available to look after our most valuable assets- our bodies?

How can this be implemented?

Setting goals and creating purpose:
Without goals what are we really training for? We get stuck in the never-ending cycle of just wanting to be skinnier, stronger and leaner. Set some goals and put some numbers to them.

Creating structure and continual progression(not too fast or too slow):
Often injuries and relapses of inactivity are a result of one of two issues. A lack of progression, minimal or slow results leaving us frustrated and lacking motivation. Or progressing too fast, which causes injuries, fatigue and in some cases over training. Structure creates a strong framework to ensure you are progressing and that there is a core purpose behind what you do.

Doing the basics well:
We can’t expect to see significant change if we don’t do the simple things well. If we can master the simple things it can make a huge difference. Completing your ten minutes of daily mobility, stressing your heart three times a week(running, walking or cycling) or completing your exercises as per your program. Sometimes these things take time. Trust the process, stick it out and you will surprise yourself.

The Outcome: You will be stronger, fitter, injury free and you will feel better.

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