Which Dress Shoes Are Best For My Feet?

Dress shoes are often uncomfortable, tight fitting and don’t serve any functional purpose apart from looking good! That being said, nowadays we are lucky to have a number of shoe companies that have taken it upon themselves to make comfy dress shoes so that you get the best of both worlds!

Here are a few recommendations for those of you who need some dress shoes that can be worn all day:

Bared Footwear:

Bared have a large range of stylish footwear options that are endorsed by Podiatrists. All Bared shoes come with a removable insole which they have dubbed the “biomechanical footbed.” This allows for comfort and support which you would not find in dress shoes. Likewise, they accommodate for average, narrow and wide feet with slightly different sized insoles. Furthermore, if you already have an orthotic you can just place that into the shoe.


Similarly, Frankie4 are another brand that are very stylish and comfortable. Like Bared, they have a “functional footbed”. Frankie4 have a wide range of women’s shoes. Unfortunately, they don’t offer mens shoes like Bared! (As a male Podiatrist this is why I have to give the edge to Bared!) But, ladies, if you are after something a little more casual, Frankie4 is a great option.


Ecco are super comfortable and they are wide. They don’t have the same “footbed” tech as the aforementioned options, however, they do offer “vitrus”, which is similar to an orthotic. Ecco are less “fashionable” and are a safe option if you like to keep it simple. What they lack in “style” they make up for in extreme durability.


Ziera provide footwear with removable insoles and a variety of width options. They offer adjustable arch height and position to make the shoes more comfortable for you. All of these brands are great options. Ultimately, it should come down to comfort and personal preference in terms of function and style.

If you would like further personalised footwear advice, our Podiatry team are always willing to help so feel welcome to call us at the clinic or email us.

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