Five Signs That You Should See A Podiatrist

Is there something worrying you about your feet? Maybe your ankles or knees? Well, rest assured… there is no need to live with any sort of discomfort with your feet… a Podiatrist can help!!

As university qualified health professionals that specialise in the lower limb, we are well-equipped to help keep you active and happy (our mantra around here at the clinic!). Podiatrists have a range of different skill sets and we thrive on the diversity of conditions that we can treat, such as musculo-skeletal pain and injury (Sports Podiatry), skin and nail issues (General Podiatry), the diabetic foot (High Risk Foot Care) or Paediatrics (children’s feet and the conditions that may contribute).

If you’re unsure whether a Podiatrist will be able to help you, read on…

Here are five signs that you should see a Podiatrist:

Sore, tired and aching feet
I know it may sound obvious that having sore feet is a reason to see a Podiatrist, but many people seem to just tolerate their sore feet until it getting to the point where the pain stops them from being active. Sore feet could potentially be an easy fix, with footwear advice, strengthening and addressing contributing factors. We have many tricks up our sleeves to address these contributing factors if required, such as orthotic therapy, shockwave therapy, myofascial dry-needling and more!

Heel pain
Heel pain is probably one of the most common things I see as a Podiatrist. This can be caused by a number of factors such as training error (too much too soon), BMI (being overweight), poor footwear, biomechanics (the way you walk/run). As a Podiatrist I have many tools at my disposal to help get you back on your feet.

Heel pain in children and adults usually differ. In both cases it’s best not to leave it undiagnosed for too long to prevent future complications.

If you’re living with diabetes
One of the complications of diabetes can be foot health. A Podiatrists role in the management of diabetes is to conduct annual neuro-vascular assessments testing the nerves and vascular supply of the feet and noting any changes. We will also be able to educate you on how best to prevent future complications and perform general skin and nail care.

Your child has been complaining about sore feet
Most of the time children should be pain free. If your child is active and their feet are preventing them from playing, it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right. A lot of the time this can be attributed to growing pains and an active lifestyle. However, there are children who may have an underlying systemic condition such as Juvenile Arthritis and need to be diagnosed so the appropriate treatment can be implemented. Other conditions, such as Severs or Osgood-Schlatter, are also commonly seen in children and we can help with strategies to manage this to ensure that your child can remain active.

Bony deformities such as bunions and hammertoes
It’s common to have bunions and hammertoes which can cause discomfort and pain. Sometimes these can be accompanied with osteoarthritis. Podiatrists are able to offload these areas and decrease your pain. Many people elect to have surgery for these conditions before even consulting a Podiatrist. Often surgery can cause more problems in the future so if it can be avoided, that is ideal. Your podiatrist will be able to identify if a surgical opinion is needed.

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