What Can I Do About My Fungal Nails?

You’ve tried painting some anti fungal lacquer on your nails. You may have tried laser or even PACT to try to hasten the process. Perhaps you’ve even tried prescription medication to clear up the infection and yet nothing has worked.

So what options do you have left?

If you haven’t already had the nails tested to see if they are actually fungal, then there are a number of other possible conditions that your nails may be presenting with. They can look fungal but are in fact not. You can book in to a Podiatrist to confirm.

So, you have confirmed that they are fungal. Now what?

Your Podiatrist can help by performing a nail procedure to clear the fungal nail. They can also remove any dermatophytes that are lying within the nail bed and at the base of the nail.

Think of a nail procedure like hitting the ‘Reset’ button. Rather than trying to treat the affected nail, you remove it and have a brand new one grow out.

Many people may not like the sound of this. However, it is completely painless.

How The Procedure Works:

Your toe is made numb with local anesthetic and then removed with some mosquito forceps. Then the remaining fungus is cleared out and your toe is dressed to prevent infection.

There is no 100% guarantee that it will work. However, the success rate is quite high and in some ways is quicker than persisting with other less effective treatments.

At Boost, our Podiatrists are trained during their degree to perform these surgeries and administer local anesthetic. All equipment used is sterilized to a hospital grade. Our Podiatrists take great care during the procedure and will provide individualized after-care, follow ups and advice. Call or Book online today.

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