Trigger Point Tool: the odd-looking little tool that can save you in between treatments

Trigger point tools are used for several reasons ranging from pain relief to increasing range of motion to stimulating underactive muscles. These tools can be used on almost every muscle!

Myotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists work predominantly with the muscle tissue. With palpation skills, trigger points are able to be found and located. Trigger points are a group of muscle fibres that can restrict movement or produce pain. One way of treating those specific points is by applying pressure directly on the spot to allow the tissue to relax and therefore alleviate pain, this is also used to help increase muscle movement. Trigger point tools act as a substitute for the therapist’s thumbs, fingers or even elbows to create that pressure.

Not everyone has the opportunity to receive a treatment daily or weekly and home care advice and recommendations are regularly spoken about during a treatment. The use of a trigger point tool is a beneficial way of maintaining change post treatments.

So how can you use these tools at home?

  1. When a sore spot is found, using the tool can assist with pain management by placing it directly on the area and applying reasonable and manageable pressure.
  2. If tightness through a muscle is felt, using the tool to slowly and firmly strip through the muscle can assist in decreasing the tightness felt.
  3. Often people experience underactive muscles (muscles that are not switching on when required). By applying pressure over the muscle, it can help assist in switching on the muscle.

Calves, traps, glutes, deltoids… and the list goes on… The majority of muscles, including those hard to reach, can be treated with these tools.

To create different amounts of pressure, you can lean onto the tool against a wall, or lay on the tool whilst on the floor. If you’re lucky enough, you could even get a partner or friend to press the tool onto your sore spots as a form of treatment!

So that’s the low down on these odd-looking little gadgets. If you’re keen to give it a try, you can pop down to the clinic to purchase one or give us a call on 03 9894 2463 and we can take payment over the phone and post it out to you.

Written by Brendon Lang, Myotherapist

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