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Tradies... make your health the most important part of your toolkit!

August 21, 2019

August is Tradies National Health Month and at Boost Health Collective we are keen to raise awareness of the injury risks posed to tradies at work.


Why is the preventative treatment so important for tradies?


Physically demanding jobs like trade occupations (including technicians and trade workers, labourers, machine operators and drivers) can lead to and exacerbate injuries. Australia’s trade industry experiences some of the highest rates of injury compared to other workers. Time off work due to injury or poor health not only impacts the tradie and their family, but has a flow on effect to the wider community and economy.


What is the most common injury for tradies?


Back pain is the most common injury experienced by those working in a trade as it is the part of the body that is used for almost all tasks undertaken at work. Other common injuries for tradies include:

  • Shoulder injuries related to repetitive reaching and holding of tools

  • Knee injuries related to repetitive bending

  • Ankle sprains related to work on uneven ground


How Physiotherapy can help tradies?


Despite preventative measures, jobs involving manual and repetitive tasks will often lead to aches and pains. These injuries are more likely to occur with rushing at work, improvising with tools or being distracted during tasks. It’s best to see your health professional early before the issue progresses to something more serious.


Your practitioner can advise you on how to manage your work without making the injury worse, while also providing treatment and exercises to aid a quick recovery!


So don’t be a tool, see your practitioner for tips on how to stay healthy and active! 


Written by Eliza Hickey, Physiotherapist

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