Top 5 Running Shoe Brands for Wide Feet

Do you have trouble finding running shoes that fit your wide feet? Does having wide feet limit your choices when looking for shoes? If so, you’ve found the right blog!

As a Podiatrist who has worked in a speciality running shoe store for many years, I’ve seen many a wide foot! I love the challenge of finding the best shoe for someone with a non-standard foot type. There is always a solution! There are many different running shoe brands with a wide range of fits, but not all brands will be able to cater for all feet.

So here are my Top Five brands for wide feet…

(Note, for reference, the standard width for men is a D width and the standard for women is a B width).

New Balance

Without a doubt, New Balance offers the widest fittings available out there, in my experience. New Balance is great if you have the widest of wide feet! I’ve seen up to a 6E width fitting in the men’s and 4E in the women’s. To put that into context, before you reach 6E you must bypass the D fitting, 2E, 4E and then 6E! The down side to this is that the models available in this width may not necessarily be the lightest or most ‘flashy’ running shoe. But, they get the job done!


Coming in 2nd on this list is Brooks. Brooks has a very wide range of running shoes when compared to New Balance and goes up to the 4E fitting. The Brooks accommodates width whilst allowing for a lighter more conventional running shoe. What you need to be wary of is, unlike New Balance, Brooks do have a few more narrow options in their range so I’d recommend trying them on. Likewise, due to manufacturing differences, I have found a New Balance 4E to be much wider than the Brooks 4E.


My third best option is Mizuno. With Mizuno, you can find a relatively consistent fit across the range that accommodates wider feet quite well. Mizuno invest in innovation and research, rather than marketing, so you’re sure to get a “tried and true” product. In my experience, I’ve never seen a 4E fitting in the Mizuno, but have seen 2E’s and D’s in the men’s and women’s.



Coming in 4th on this list is Asics. Unlike Mizuno, I have seen Asics shoes come in a 4E, allowing for those with wider feet to try this brand. The down side of this is that it’s limited to only a couple of models. Likewise, the reason it comes only fourth on my list is that the fit across the models isn’t quite as consistent as Mizuno are. You’ll find some that start wider and others that run narrow.


Vivo Barefoot

In 5th place is the Vivo Barefoot running shoe range. If you look at the shape of the toe box, you’ll notice that the widest part of the shoe is at the toes, compared to the balls of the feet. This is designed to imitate the natural shape of people’s feet if shoes had never been worn (look it up on google – it’s super interesting!!). However, you must PROCEED WITH CAUTION. These shoes are designed to be as minimalist as possible as if you were “barefoot”. Therefore, there is no cushioning in them and no heel drop. This increases the load on your calf/Achilles and encourages you to run up on your forefoot. This also decreases the load through your knees. If you’ve never run barefoot before, I wouldn’t buy these and start running or walking 100’s of km’s in them. However, if you do wish to try these I would recommend them as a gym shoe to start with. And seek advice from a Podiatrist to assist with a gradual plan for the transition.

I hope this list helps all of you wide-foot readers. Good luck on your quest to find the perfect shoe and get in touch if you’d like some help along the way.

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