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The extra 1%ers that could improve your running

July 11, 2018

To get the best out of yourself when it comes to running, it’s important to do the 1%ers. The small things that you may take for granted can play an integral part in improving your running and achieving your goals.

In this series of blogs we will look at some of the different 1%ers our running clients can focus on to get the best out of themselves. In this first blog we will look at the importance of self-massage as part of your training regime.

It is important to add recovery to your training schedule, so although incorporating regular Myotherapy/Remedial Massage treatments is an important part of the recovery process, it is what you do between those treatments that is the first 1%er we will look at. Below are some pearls of wisdom on self-massage…

You will need three basic tools:

  • A foam roller
  • A lacrosse ball
  • A yoga mat

In this video I take you through a basic self-massage routine that you can incorporate into your daily training schedule:

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