The Journey from NSTT to Boost Health Collective

We are crazy excited to become the Boosters! Our rebrand formally took place on 1 January. As much as we have loved being Team NSTT, it’s time for a change.

Our team is expanding to include a Pilates instructor so we needed a name that was more reflective of our multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.

We undertook a very robust process earlier this year to decide on our new name. The criteria were that it needed to:

  • be different to other allied health practices – something unique that reflected our team, values and vision;
  • form a collective noun so that we could create an identity for our team;
  • be a word that we could have some fun within our marketing.

Hence, Boost Health Collective was born!


We thrive on boosting our patients and athletes towards achieving their goals. We also love to boost each other up as a team so that we can achieve our individual and team goals.


We focus on the health of our patients and, more importantly, their health goals. A sore shoulder may mean that a mother cannot pick up her baby or a knee injury may mean that a runner may not be able to run the marathon that they have been dreaming of for a lifetime. We love to connect with these big goals and create a treatment plan to achieve them.


We work collectively to help our patients achieve their active lifestyle goals. We believe that Podiatry and Myotherapy is a magnificent combo to make this happen!

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