Summer and it’s challenges for out feet

With summer comes a few conditions frequently seen in this wonderful season…cracked heels and overuse sporting injuries. Here are some things to consider and some tips to help prevent these summertime occurrences…

Managing Cracked Heels

As we move from comfy sneakers to thongs and sandals, the harsh sun can dry out our heels and, if left untreated, they may crack and cause sores. If your heels are cracked, apply Betadine to prevent entry of infection and see a Podiatrist to remove the hard skin surrounding these cracks to prevent them from fissuring. If your feet are prone to getting dry, moisturise your heels daily. Do this before bed and after a shower to prevent slipping over. If there is a small build up of callus, you can use a pumice stone every one to two weeks to manage this. For super dry feet, speed up the process by moisturising then wrap your feet in Gladwrap and pop a sock on. Do this while you sleep for at least 5 nights.


Managing Cracked Heels

When the sun is out, it is fun to get out for a walk or run and enjoy the activities that we love. But, do remember to work back into your exercise regimen slowly. Many people get excited and go back to running the distances and speeds they did before their three to six month hiatus and cause overuse injuries due to inadequate adaptation to training. Spend the first two to three weeks gradually building up speed and distance to what you were doing previously. Set a training goal and work up to that for the following four to eight weeks. Speak to your personal trainer or coach regarding increasing your training if you are unsure.

Summer is a beautiful time of year, but remember to be aware of your body and listen to it. See the appropriate health practitioner if necessary – it is better to be proactive than reactive!

Written by Jasmine Kouch, Podiatrist

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