Stay safe and pain free this Christmas!

As the silly season rolls around, so too does an increase in musculoskeletal injuries as we change our regular habits and climb on the roof to clean out the gutters or dust off our favourite high heels for the annual work Christmas party and twist an ankle on the walk home.

Here are a few scenarios to consider this silly season:
You’ve likely been stuck in the same posture all year round (think slumped over the desk) and now you’ve decided to tackle tasks that require climbing, balance, upper body strength and shoulder mobility. Try out these warm up stretches before doing so…

Warm up & stretches:

Thread Needle / Shoulder Mobility / Tx Ext on Roller

You finally bought that new bike… 2018 is the year to get fit and fabulous! Just remember to take it slowly. Gifts that encourage activity are the best, but be sure to build up your strength and endurance slowly. If you over do it early, you might lose interest or lead to injury. There are plenty of great stretches and roller exercises you can do after a ride, like these…


Foam Roller for Quads / Foam Roller for Glutes / Foam Roll for Calf

Calling all tradies, this one’s for you! You’ve been working hard all year, so you deserve a break. Just remember our bodies love to move. If you spend the whole year active and then take a week off on the couch at Christmas, you’re at risk of stiffening up. Try to move in your down time. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to get a new bike from Santa!

Take a walk at the beach
Go for a bike ride
Play a round or two of backyard cricket
Whatever your holiday adventures entail, we hope you are active, happy… and safe!! If you do run into trouble and need some help, we’re happy to help and we’re open every day other than public holidays.

Written by Amber Higgins, Myotherapist.

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