10 ways Soft Tissue Therapy could be your secret weapon on the Snooker table

Have you ever wished that your cue sport skills were better so you could beat a close friend? Or the arrogant person at the pub? Or simply to improve your own game?

Keeping yourself in peak state through Myotherapy or Remedial Massage can help you achieve these goals.

Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Therapy focus on manipulating muscles and fascia (connective tissue) in several different ways. It can lead to decreased pain, increased range of motion, relaxing an over active muscle or even stimulating under active muscles. There are many athletes around the world that seek soft tissue work as part of their sports medicine programs, and there is no reason why amateurs or casual players, shouldn’t do the same. Many professional Snooker players are known to receive regular soft tissue therapy treatments to further enhance their game by limiting injury and improving the smoothness of his joint motions.

The most common complaints whilst playing Snooker or 8-Ball include lower back pain, shoulder soreness, general aches and muscular fatigue. These pains and complaints are due to repetitive strain from the poor postural position that the body is put into whilst playing a shot.

Treatments pre and post event have the ability to dramatically improve your game for many different reasons…

A pre-event treatment will…

  • relax tight and restricted muscles while stimulating muscles for play
  • increase mobility of joints
  • decrease pain in already aggravated muscles and fascia
  • decrease chance of injury
  • improve mental focus.
  • assist with injury management and rehabilitation;
  • reduce muscle soreness and tenderness;
  • allow the body to recover more quickly;
  • facilitate faster removal of lactic acid;
  • assist with facilitating a steady decrease of adrenaline.

Having regular treatments will likely allow you to perform at your peak for longer and more sustained periods of time.

Use Soft Tissue Therapy as your secret weapon on the Snooker table!!
Written by Brendon Lang, Myotherapist and A Grade Snooker player and qualified referee.

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