Hold onto that post-holiday feeling

If you were lucky enough to take a break over the Christmas holidays, you’ve probably returned to work well-rested, well-fed and ready to tackle 2018. It’s easy to slip back in to the habits you created last year: think long days slumped over your desk and busy schedules. The key to keep that ‘post-holiday’ feeling will be easy if you follow a few simple pointers.

  • Take time to enjoy the small things every day. A morning walk, a cup of tea in the sun or a face-to- face catch up with a loved one can make a big difference in your day. Don’t save these things for the weekend, make every day a good day.
  • Move more. Find reasons to get up out of your seat and away from the desk as much as you can. Perhaps you can walk over and speak to a colleague instead of sending an email, or take regular breaks for stretching.
  • Schedule downtime or time to exercise and make it a priority! The following exercises are perfect after a long day at the desk. They will increase mobility and improve posture.

Thoracic extension on roller
Use a foam roller to isolate upper back extension and reverse the effects of slumping over your desk. Think about keeping your ribs drawn down towards your hips to prevent extending through your lower back.

Pec stretch on roller
This stretch will help to stretch through the front of your shoulders and chest

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