Best Travel Tips For Your Feet

So it’s that time of year where people escape the Melbourne winter for the Northern Hemisphere summer. As a Podiatrist people regularly ask me, “What are the Best Travel Tips For Your Feet?”. I often have people come see me, just before they’re going away, with a foot issue. Or alternatively they come back with an issue after travelling.

So here are some tips to get your feet sorted before take-off. That way any ache, or pain you’re feeling, will be gone. In the same sense you’re also prepared to not get any issues when you return.

See a health professional early:

Many people I see have had their foot problem for many months and have done nothing about it hoping it will go away. They want to come in at the last minute for a quick fix for something that may need some more time and attention. Generally if you’re booking a large holiday overseas you know well in advance. So rather than hope, be proactive and get yourself checked out sooner rather than later.

Wear comfortable footwear and wear-in new shoes before you go:

This may seem silly but on holidays we often do a lot more walking than what we are used to. So, if you realise you need new shoes get them early enough so that you can wear them in. Likewise, make sure they are comfortable and supportive shoes that can be worn all day.

Train yourself before you go:

As I mentioned before, we tend to walk more on holidays. If you’re relatively sedentary, do some walking leading up to your holiday. This will make your time on your feet and your holiday much more enjoyable.

Enjoy yourself:

Holidays allow you to de-stress without the worries of your regular daily life. Enjoy your time and switch off. Stress can heighten how you perceive pain and how intense it is. I have had many people who go overseas and all of a sudden their feet are feeling good and are having no problems. So maybe we should start to incorporate holidays into treatment plans??

There we go a few tips on how to travel smart for your feet. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact the clinic and let us know. Alternatively you can book in with one of our Podiatrists to get your feet Holiday-Ready!

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