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What are the Benefits of Strength and Conditioning?

September 2, 2020

Strength and conditioning training engages muscles that are lacking either strength or mobility. Broadening out the types of training you already perform will help promote and enhance strength and range of motion. Some examples of this type of training include: cone drills, side-to-side jumping drills and ball and wall drills If you are experiencing muscular or joint pain, strengthening the site and surrounding area can also help eliminate the symptoms.

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Massage is temporary, strength is forever. Our bodies are made for us to be able to run, jump and twist. Not just sit and stand.

Some benefits of strength and conditioning are:

  • Promotes range of movement
  • Improves hand-eye skills
  • Coordination
  • Joint stability

Stronger groups of muscles allow for better body movement, with less compensation. During an action our body uses specific muscles in order to achieve the movement required. Having a stronger core or glute muscles, for an example, would be much easier for someone to pick a bucket of clothes from the ground without having to worry about getting a lower back injury.
If someone finds it very hard to twist their back side to side, that would lead to lots of variables of pain and discomfort if not properly managed. Thus, having to do exercises that targets the areas that are needed for the individual to turn eg: Cable twist, Cable wood chops, etc.

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Looking after your body should not be a short-term goal where we only do something about it when we are in a lot of pain or to the point that we cannot function without pain. Having short term goals, in order to achieve the long term outcome of no pain or discomfort is not an ideal solution. Being “used to the pain” also shouldn’t be something we surrender to. Going away from short term goals we should focus on strength and conditioning as a long-term process. By training your body through different movements, for either rehab or general health, will be physically as well as mentally more beneficial.

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