Three Ways that Cupping will Benefit you

Have you ever seen someone with perfect circular marks over a part of their body and wondered what they are? Well, the person is likely to have had cupping.

The marks are caused by a soft tissue treatment technique called ‘cupping’. Cupping has been around for centuries. It originated in China, but is now widely used as a form of Soft Tissue Therapy all around the world.

Cups made of either glass or plastic are used to create suction of the skin and muscular fascia to help alleviate pain, tightness and restriction. The suction increases blood flow to a specific area, which can bring on the circular marks. Interestingly, these marks are not at all painful as they are from the suction effecting tiny superficial blood vessels and have not actually caused any trauma to the body’s tissues. Cupping encourages specific blood flow to areas within the muscle to alleviate trigger points and decrease pain, muscular tightness and muscular fatigue. It also assists in sedating and relaxing the nervous system, when overstimulated.

Some benefits of cupping are:

  • decreased tissue tightness;
  • decreased muscle pain and
  • decreased pressure on the joints.

Cupping is a very effective technique that our Myotherapists and Podiatrists are able to utilise within treatments, most commonly for conditions such as shoulder pain, neck pain, lower back pain and heel pain.

If you think that cupping could benefit you, have a chat to one of our team members about incorporating it into your treatment plan next time you’re in the clinic.

Written by Brendon Lang

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