Back Support For Large Breasts: The Benefits of a Bra Fitting


With boobs getting bigger and people hunched over devices for long periods of the day, finding bras to assist with back support for large breasts is a common request by Australian ladies. 

There are some things to know about finding a bra to support a big bust, in this article I’ll guide you through some important points to help you into better bras. 

Ensuring your bra fits well

As humans, it’s easy to get caught up on all the fancy features in products that are marketed to “improve” all sorts of ailments. But the truth is, when it comes to getting the best out of your bra the most important element is to ensure the fit is spot on. 

bra for back support for large breasts

Here are some useful facts for you about how a bra delivers its support:

  • The shoulder straps are not designed to do any heavy lifting (they are elastic after all!). The shoulder straps are there for stability, not to hold the weight of the bust.
  • The actual role of an underwire is to shape the breasts. Underwire works to round and separate the breasts, not to lift or support the bust.
  • The band that runs around the ribcage is the real hero of a bra. This band is responsible for supporting breast tissue and preventing the bust from gravitating south.

An interesting anecdote about bra fitting in Australia is that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra.

The most common fitting error we see is women wearing the band around their ribcage too loose. This is the fastest way to ensure your bra won’t support you.

Choosing the right bra design

While I said the fancy features in bras shouldn’t be the key focus, there are, of course, some design elements that will result in stronger support from your bra.

I advise ladies seeking back support for large breasts to make sure their Bra Fitter is sticking to products with the following:

  • Wide straps to help with pressure distribution on the shoulders
  • An inelastic component on the shoulder strap
  • Strong material in the ribcage band and cups that will resist stretch
  • Underwire or Wireless bras are both options so long as they are well fitted
  • Front Closure Bras with a full back design are a rare find, but a great option

How does a bra offer back support for large breasts?

A poorly fitted bra causes the bust to droop low. The weight of large breasts creates a significant force to the front of the body.  Over time this can lead to a rounding of the shoulders and hunching forward. This is known as kyphosis of the thoracic spine.

A well fitted bra works to distribute the weight of the bust across the front and back of the body. This eases tension between the shoulder blades and prevents the shoulders drooping forward. In a well fitted bra the ribcage band holds up and stabilises the bust so that the shoulder straps aren’t taking the weight of the breasts. This is how a bra is designed to support us. If the bra doesn’t fit properly, it has no chance of delivering the support we require.


bra for back support for large breasts

Can Sports Bras offer back support for large breasts?

Sports Bras can be great options as Everyday Bras for women with large breasts. The word “sports” in Sports Bras could easily be replaced with the term “support” as this is really what a Sports Bra is, a bra designed with strong support in mind. 

When compared to most Everyday Bras, Sports bras use stronger fabrics that resists movement and help to stabilise breast tissue during our daily living. If you are looking to transition your Sports bra into an all-day option, the key is to ensure your comfort is maintained, even after long periods of wear.

Advice from an experienced Bra Fitter

Most women dread bra fittings, I get that, it can be a confronting experience for a lot women. But the result of a well fitted, supportive bra is one of those “priceless” things in life that will have you feeling much better for it.

The most common comment we get in store after a bra fitting with one of our experienced Bra Fitters is “why did I put that off for so long?” I recommend seeking out a Bra Fitter that has access to a great range of product in your size and is able to offer you the dedicated time and attention a good bra fitting takes.

Our Specialty Bra Store in Camberwell offers private 1:1 Bra Fittings with an experienced Bra Fitter. Our range covers A-J cup in band sizes 6-22. You can book a Bra Fitting with us here.


Guest post by Tish Tily, She Science Bra Store

Guest post by Tish Tily, She Science Bra Store

Tish Tily is the co-founder of She Science, a specialty bra store in Camberwell. Tish and her team of Bra Fitters offer comprehensive bra fittings for cup sizes A-J and band sizes 6-22.  She Science started as a specialty bra store and have extended their range to include a broad selection of supportive everyday bras.
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