What Can I Do About My Fungal Nails

What Can I Do About My Fungal Nails?

You’ve tried painting some anti fungal lacquer on your nails. You may have tried laser or even PACT to try to hasten the process. Perhaps you’ve even tried prescription medication…
hip impingement

What Can I Do About Hip Impingement?

Do you have pain in your hip? Has it been bothering you for a while now? Are you an athlete? Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), otherwise known as ‘Hip’ impingement, is an…
achilles pain running

Why Is My Achilles Sore When I Run?

Have you started, or got back into, running due to self-isolation? Maybe your gym is closed and you’re desperate for other ways to keep fit. Does your Achilles now feel…
minimum effective dose exercise

What Is A Minimum Effective Dose?

What does the term, ‘Minimum Effective Dose’ mean? A minimum effective dose is the smallest required dose to get to a desired outcome. For example going to the gym. When…
Which Gym Machines Are Best For Feet

Which Gym Machines Are Best For Feet?

You’re at the gym, you’ve worked your arms fairly hard and you’ve probably also trained just about every other muscle in your body. But did you train your foot muscles?…
Can Bunions Cause Neck Pain

Can Bunions Cause Neck Pain?

If your bunions are causing you pain, then you may find yourself placing your foot on the ground in a different way. How your feet are placed on the ground…
How To Prevent Ankle Re-Injury

How To Prevent Ankle Sprain Re-Injury

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports and recreational activities. Injuries to an ankle account for 10 – 30% of all athletic injuries and ankle sprains…
How To Treat an Ingrown Toenail

How To Treat An Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails occur when the edge of the nail, particularly the corners, grow into the skin on the side of the nail. These most commonly occur on your big toe.…
What Are Some Common AFL Injuries

What Are Some Common AFL Injuries?

The football season here in Australia, particularly Melbourne is well underway. If you’ve been following at all, the number of AFL injuries in the first 3 rounds has been well…
Can Clinical Pilates Help Chronic Pain

Can Clinical Pilates help Chronic Pain?

Does your pain impact your day to day life? Are you having difficulty performing activities that you once considered to be a breeze? Have you been diagnosed with Chronic Pain…
Do I Need a GP Referral To See A Myotherapist

Do I need a GP referral to see a Myotherapist?

Myotherapists & Remedial Massage Therapists assess muscular dysfunctions and soft tissue-related injuries with assessment and hands-on treatment. Soft tissue techniques used include: trigger point therapy, myofascial release, dry-needling, contract/relax stretching…
Benefits of Barefoot Running

Benefits Of Barefoot Running

The Barefoot Argument Podiatry and healthcare have evolved over years and years of research and advancements in technology. As with anything, there are ‘fads’ in the health and fitness industries.…
What are Growing Pains

What Are Growing Pains?

Are Growing Pains Real? Has your child been complaining about knee or ankle pain? Is this especially after sport? Have they recently gone through a growth spurt? Growing pains are…
Why Does My Elbow Hurt

Why Does My Elbow Hurt?

You’re working from home and you’ve been sitting at your desk for 4 hours. One hand on the mouse, the other on the keyboard, you’ve got dead lines, calls, your…
How Can Podiatry Help Diabetes

How Can Podiatry Help Diabetes?

Did you know that the World Health Organisation reports that over 400 million people are living with diabetes worldwide as of 2015. Of these 400 million people, 90% have type…
How Can I Help My Feet In Summer

How Can I Help My Feet In Summer?

Summer time is upon us and our feet get to breathe outside of shoes! But this means there are a few things to consider for the summer. As a Podiatrist…