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Podiatrist Ringwood

Searching for a trusted clinic ‘near me’ that provides leading podiatric care and treatment plans? At Boost Health we’re committed to delivering just that, offering qualified podiatry services to Ringwood patients of all ages.

Our foot care services can help patients to find relief from nagging aches and pains, improve their posture and treat fungal infections and other skin conditions. We provide orthotic therapy to patients who need specialised arch support or targeted treatment for persistent knee and back pain.

We can also provide rehab therapy for foot and ankle sports injuries to both professionals and weekend athletes.

To speak to our team of experienced podiatrists Ringwood residents can contact Boost Health today.

Pilates Ringwood

Pilates is a fun and engaging way to improve both your physical and mental health, and meet some new friends as you do. At Boost Health we provide courses suited to people of all fitness and skill levels, helping residents across Ringwood experience the lasting benefits of mat and reformer Pilates.

Our expert instructors will guide you through a range of exercises and routines, helping you to boost your energy levels, improve concentration, strengthen your core muscles and reduce stress.

For more information on the health and wellbeing benefits Pilates, Ringwood residents can get in touch with the Boost Health team today, or visit our studio.

Myotherapy / Remedial Massage in Ringwood

Many of us think that sore muscles or aching joints are just symptoms of our daily lives, when in fact they’re signs that we may be at risk of more serious health issues down the line. Break free from the limitations of joint and muscle pain and discomfort thanks to Boost Health’s leading myotherapy and soft tissue therapy treatments.

Our therapists can help to improve your quality of sleep, boost circulation and reduce tension around your body through a few simple and effect treatments, including acupuncture and cupping. Thanks to Boost Health’s team of dedicated myotherapists our patients can experience increased flexibility and a greater range of mobility, helping them go about their lives without nagging pain holding them back.

When it comes to myotherapy and remedial massages, Ringwood patients know they can trust the qualified staff at Boost Health to deliver personalised treatment plans and help to prevent further injuries or health issues. To book a consultation call 03 9894 2463.

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