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Podiatrist Mitcham

Many patients think that aching feet and sore ankles are simply an inevitable part of our busy day-to-day lives. But that discomfort can actually be a sign of a more serious health issue that can affect your entire body.

That why, at Boost Health, we’re offering qualified podiatry treatment plans to help patients across Mitcham and the surrounding suburbs find relief from foot and ankle pain, while supporting their overall health and wellbeing.

Our foot care services can help to treat blisters, fungal infections and athlete’s foot, as well as a number of sporting injuries.

To book a consultation with our dedicated podiatrists Mitcham residents can contact Boost Health today.

Pilates Mitcham

Want to work-out your mind and body and meet some new friends as you do? Then sign up for a Pilates course at Boost Health today.

Pilates can be used in both preventative therapies and rehabilitation treatments. Frequent practice assists the body in becoming stronger and more flexible, helping to protect it from many musculoskeletal injuries. Clinical Pilates is often used in rehab therapy to target specific areas of the body and aid in injury recovery.

At Boost Health our studio is set up for both mat and reformer Pilates courses, with sessions available for patients of all skill and fitness levels. We also provide clinical Pilates for a more focused approach to pain management and injury rehabilitation.

For more information on the times and details of our Pilates classes, contact the Boost Health staff today.

Myotherapy / Remedial Massage in Mitcham

Looking for qualified myotherapy care ‘near me’ delivered by an experienced and qualified practitioner? Then book a consultation with the dedicated therapists at Boost Health today, one of the most trusted clinics for effective and affordable soft tissue therapy.

Our myotherapists use several treatments, including acupuncture, passive stretching and cupping, to help patients move freely and make living with daily, nagging pain a thing of the past. Our treatment plans are tailored to the personal needs of each patient, with exercises, stretches and routines developed to target their specific injury, condition or complaint.

To enquire about how their health and happiness can benefit from myotherapy sessions, or a remedial massage, Mitcham residents can call Boost Health today on 03 9894 2463.

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