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Podiatrist Doncaster

Searching for a professional podiatrist available ‘near me’? When they need comprehensive foot care services Doncaster patients know to trust the experienced team at Boost Health. Our podiatry team can help to get your feet feeling their best, offering treatments for a range of common conditions.

Whether you’ve picked up a foot or ankle injury at home, work or from playing sport, our team can deliver a targeted therapy plan that will get you moving again in no time. We also provide orthotic therapy for patients who are seeking relief from back pain caused my misaligned or poorly supported feet and ankles.

To book an appointment or consultation with our team of skilled podiatrists Doncaster patients can contact Boost Health today.

Pilates Doncaster

At Boost Health we’re committed to helping our patients live happier and healthier lives. That’s why we offer a number of engaging Pilates courses, designed for both general fitness and rehabilitation.

Pilates is a popular way to work-out your whole body, improving flexibility, core strength and boosting energy levels. Each routine easily adjusted to suit different fitness levels and can be used in conjunction with many different therapy or treatment plans. Pilates is also a great way to sharpen your mind, helping to improving focus and concentration while relieving stress and tension.

Our studio is set up to provide both mat and reformer Pilates as well as clinical sessions, which is used to provide a more direct and focused treatment of specific injuries.

Myotherapy / Remedial Massage in Doncaster

When they want effective relief from pain and discomfort, Doncaster residents can count on the myotherapists at Boost Health to deliver affordable and personalised care.

From an initial consultation our therapists will be able to quickly and accurately target the source of each patient’s pain before developing a tailored treatment plan that will work best for their needs.

At Boost Health we use both myotherapy and soft tissue therapy to deliver long-term relief to all of our patients, supporting their overall health and wellbeing and improving their quality of life.

To learn more about how their health may benefits from professional myotherapy and remedial massages, Doncaster patients can speak to the friendly staff at Boost Health today by calling 03 9894 2463.

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