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Podiatrist Blackburn

In need of professional treatment from a qualified podiatrist ‘near me’? Then visit Boost Health, the one of the most trusted health and wellbeing experts across Blackburn and Melbourne.

Our feet have to deal with a lot in our busy, day-to-day lives. Over time they can become sore and develop a number of conditions that, if left untreated, can lead to more serious health issues. Thanks Boost Health’s team of podiatrists Blackburn patients can put a spring back in their step. Whether they’re after general foot care services, treatment for foot or ankle injuries including sports injuries or orthotic therapy, our skilled team is on hand to help.

Pilates Blackburn

When Blackburn residents want to get their health moving in the right direction, they know to join one of the popular Pilates classes at Boost Health. We offer a number of different courses in our spacious studio, utilising both mat and reformer-based Pilates routines.

Using clinical Pilates our team can help each of our valued patients find relief from their specific condition, tailoring each exercise routine to best target the sources of their pain and discomfort.

Pilates not only helps to develop muscle strength, it works to stabilise your spine and improve your posture. A class is a perfect way to help strengthen your mind and body, all while interacting with a group of fun, like-minded people. Enquire about joining a Boost Health Pilates class today!

Myotherapy / Remedial Massage in Blackburn

At Boost Health we offer soft tissue therapy and massage services to patients who want professional and lasting relief from nagging aches and pains. Our practitioners can help you to improve circulation, reduce tension throughout your body and enjoy a better-quality sleep through a session of gentle therapy.

Thanks to our leading services in myotherapy, Blackburn residents can experience a greater range of joint mobility and improved flexibility, a boost to their immune system and a healthier posture.

For more information on our in-demand services in myotherapy and remedial massage Blackburn residents can contact Boost Health today on 03 9894 2463.

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